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We are a family owned and operated Honey Bee Farm in Hartville, Ohio.

Honey Bee Nucs & Queens For Sale

We produce Strong Healthy Northeast Ohio Nucleous Bee Colonies.

We are proud to offer mite resistant, winter hardy, gentle honey bees.

We sell our honeybee nucs with your choice of a 2019 or an Overwintered VSH-Italian or Saskatraz Queen.

A Queen that has been overwintered in OHIO has proven herself to be able to survive the winter here in northeast Ohio.

Our mite counts in the fall of 2018 were at zero because of the VSH trait in these bees. We have also found that both the VSH line and the Saskatraz line overwinters well in Ohio and builds up fast in the spring for a great honey crop.

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Our Local Raw honey

This is the real stuff straight from the hive to the jar with nothing else added in between. It's pure, raw, unfiltered, undiluted, unblended, never processed or pasteurized.

This classic raw honey is perfect for stirring into tea, spreading on toast or making a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Mellow and golden, this honey has a flavor that's complex but smooth.

This classic honey is perfect for stirring into tea, spreading on toast or making a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It also works beautifully on a hot buttery biscuit!

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It's all about the Bees!

We deliver the highest quality bees and the best customer service, because we love beekeeping!
Elmridge Party Center - Canal Fulton, Ohio
Landerhaven Cleveland Ohio
Fountain Blue Event Center - Avon Lake Ohio
Brookside Farm - Louisville, Ohio

About our Bees

At Hartville Honey Bee Farm it’s all about the honey bees. Like all living creatures, bees need expert care to thrive. At Hartville Honey, raising strong, healthy bees is our top priority. We raise VSH-Italian, and Saskatraz Queens and bees in the heart of Northeastern Ohio.

We offer the best food source for the bees by planting fields of sweet clover and a variety of other clovers. It's the sweet clover nector that makes our honey even sweeter than other wildflower honey. Honey is the product of happy, healthy bees and the most delicious honey comes from hives surrounded by abundant flowering plants, the bees' natural food source. By surrounding our bees with a sea of sweet clover, our bees make some of the best honey you'll ever taste.

We don't use any unnatural chemicals or pesticides in our beehives and we never use any antibiotics.

In the spring of every year we offer honey bees for sale in the form of honey bee nucs (small colonies). honeybee nucs are the easiest way for beginners to establish new hives.

It's all about the honey bees!